Monday, January 19, 2009

The First Paper

Due to the possibility of intense situations, emergency department nurses need to be able to assess, prioritize and treat patients quickly while communicating with multiple disciplines, patients and families with professionalism, accuracy and caring. This becomes increasingly difficult when the patient is either unwilling or unable to communicate problems or symptoms with medical staff. With little or no communication patients lives and health can be compromised. Breakdowns in communication between the nurse and physician can have dire consequences for the patient.

This is all I got...really.....all I got!!!!

I have this paper due Wednesday. One page, one page only! My little brain is making strange sounds and I think I saw smoke! I know I smelled smoke!!!!

S0. . . . maybe this isn't going as I planned. I can roll with it. Right?!

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  1. I am pretty sure those nurses on ER also yell long words whil sitting on the patient while being wheel into the emergency room. Maybe you could write something about that? well maybe not. i KNOW your paper will be just perfect!