Monday, January 12, 2009

Classes Start Wednesday

Silly Boys!! Poor dog! I love these moments.

This apron is for my step daughter in Florida. She is into skulls and crossbones etc. I, personally, don't like them. I comprimised for this one and got "cutesy" ones. Still don't like it but I don't have to wear it! lol I also made a cookbook for her like the other girls. I hope to get them out this week to her. One of the other girls had to pose with this one. It's from a vintage pattern. Yes, I actually used a pattern for this one! lol

This one I made for Ashlee. Pink and brown are her favorites. I took pictures with my new camcorder but they were awful. I ended up taking it back and getting the camera I wanted and look, nice pictures. Unfortunately, she used it and got flour on it before I got the new camera to get a good picture. She is the most domestic diva of the 3 girls. I love it!

I start classes on Wednesday so my projects will slow down and my brain will have to do real work and think in a more traditional way. . . I already have a headache! lol It will be worth it in the end so I can handle it! I am strangely ready to get on with the college classes though!
Be blessed today.

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  1. I love aprons. Skulls, huh? I think it is great you are making all your girls aprons and giving them your recipes. My Big Mamma wrote me down several recipes before I move out on my own, I treasure them still today more than twenty years later. Many blessings.