Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 3 of Homeschool

We brought day 3 to an end and I can honestly say that today was an accomplishment. No one died, there was no blood shed and all the children have all their body parts. ugh! I did find myself wondering if I imagined that we prayed before we started! lol

Be the end of the first hour, I was done listening to complaining about assignments and had to take one teenager to task. ugh! I had argued with another about when to use do, does etc. How did she get to 10th grade not knowing this???? ugh! Then I had to prove that a contraction and a conjunction were not the same thing-to the same child. The littlest couldn't possibly sit still for 5 minutes. Thank God for educational computer games today! Not my preference but today I was happy to have on my favorites list.

Once the day was finally done, I had errands to run. I came back with a significant bottle of aleve. I couldn't find any earlier in the day.

On the upside, we got more of our books in today and I was so happy about that until one of the teenagers (who can't use do and does properly) informed me she wasn't going to read her science book. She is going to the principal when he gets home from work!

My thoughts were more of a Charlotte Mason, living books approach. It matches what I believe and fits 3 of the 4 kids personalities and learning styles. I think the older children need a more "standard" education because of college etc but I intend to do it my way. I will not mimic the public schools way of teaching.

There are a few books that I want to order for myself. Laying Down the Rails seems to be at the top of the list for now. :) I'm working on changing habits that they have learned from public school and attitudes that seems to be carrying over. I'm trying to keep on my toes and on top of the little things that lead to big things.

So, now I need a nap and I'm ready to go back at it tomorrow! I need more prepwork before I can impliment some of the new books we got today. :)

Be blessed!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our First Day of Homeschool

Well, we officially started homeschool yesterday. I had given up on my husband ever agreeing with me about homeschool so I was totally unprepared when he suddenly choked on his dinner when the high school girls were telling him what had happened that day in school and he decided that it was time to pull them out and homeschool them. :) I had been telling him for years so I knew what was going on but somehow, hearing it from them made a huge impact. Yes, our public school system in this area is that bad.

I thought I would commemorate this historic event with "incidents" from our day.

AM: KK you may want to leave lines in between the vocabulary words she is telling us so you can write the definition.
KK: Definitions???? We have to write the definitions to the vocabulary words???
Me: KK what did you think you would do with the Vocabulary words???

Taz(4 years old): Mommy I don't have to take a nap. I can dream with my eyes open.
Me: You can!
Taz: Yeah, I'm dreaming about science right now.
Me: You are? What kind of science?
Taz: I'm dreaming about Dinosaur science! Raarrrr
(yes, he still took a nap)

and the first incident of the day. . . . .

Me: JD can you read Romans 14:12 for us?
JD: asdf ;aldjf asidu asdjfoia alskjdfoiae lasdjfo;iasde
Me: Hold that thought. I need more coffee before we can start this because I didn't understand a word you just said.
Everyone: laughing hysterically

With an abundance of coffee and more resources on the way, I think we have made a great start!