Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Official

My laptop doesn't like coffee nearly as much as I do!!

I was working on the paper mentioned in the last post and for some stupid reason I was also drinking coffee. I NEVER do that but I was trying to multi task and get something done before Taz woke up. I had to rewrite the entire thing! My computer is fried and beyond repair. To get my files off the thing is going to cost more than $150.00. Just to get my files!!! I am certainly not happy about that!! I'm having to use our 8 year old computer to do everything I can and go to the college computer lab to work with programs this dinosaur can't run! This computer was near top of the line when we bought it. It has really served us well. I just never realized how slow it was until I bought a new one! lol Soooooo... that one will have to be replaced soon and this one is going to get a well earned face lift! Just in case I have another incidence of stupidity!

I have some great pictures and things I'd love to write about but it would be entirely too frustrating to try to do write them out on this keyboard with letters that stick and others that don't even register when you hit them. Poor baby. I also can't download the pictures to this computer. No SD drive.

I did finish the paper. Well, actually, I had to rewrite it. I had forgotten that some of it was here and so I just redid the entire thing. The day it was due. Talk about pressure. But it's ok because I still got an A on it. I guess the instructor has lower standards than I do. LOL

I also took my first test in my other class and got an A on that as well. I guess my brain is working better than I expected. It still hurts though!

At least I have access to my email. I hope to get to the store soon to get parts for this one but a new laptop will have to wait until after we get our taxes back! And I already backed up all the files on this dinosaur too. Just in case!

Be blessed!

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