Friday, January 16, 2009

Last of the Aprons for the Girls & update

This one was supposed to be for my middle daughter. She didn't like the fabric. It's purple, I just don't understand it! Sooooo, guess who gets it. Guess, I dare ya! lol I DO!!!! This picture doesn't show a lot of the detail but it is so cute! I'm very happy to have it! The poor kid wearing it was a visitor at our house. Drama queens best friend! Thank you so much for being my little model!
I only have one more apron that I want to make soon...I have put it off for a while. It's from a vintage pattern-yes, that will be 2 that I've made from patterns. It's hard to get into that again. I haven't done clothes construction in several years so the patterns kind of work my nerve.
I have made a couple of personalized bibs for the model above for a baby shower gift for a friend that was expecting. They were cute and had the baby's name and year embroidered. That was another stretch. I haven't embroidered anything in ohhh 15 years.
I need to make something for a friend at church who is having a rainbow baby. I have an idea of what I want to make but I have to get the fabric. She is a very precious woman of God and the daughter of a dear friend. Check out , she has some cute baby stuff ideas.
I started my classes and my brain hurts! By the end of my first class my eyes were glazed over, I know it!!! This one has a lot of writing, the other one has a lot of reading but it's an online class so I can do it as I get time. I think I'm going to do okay though.

I tried to double space between the paragrahs to make it easier to read but It seems to be irrelevant.

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