Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frugal Cooking

I have been thinking about all the menu planning on the internet where people are trying to save money and plan their meals accordingly. I have been seeing articles about meals for under $10.00 that feed a family of four.

I have fed a family of 6 for years on less than that. 4 of the people eat adult portions, and we always have left overs for lunches and sometimes we have enough leftovers to put a meal together-strange combinations- but we all eat plenty. So I had the big idea to use my recipe blog (that I rarely ever add anything to) as a way to journal my food budgeting tactics, menus and recipe's, tips etc.

My girls will be out on their own in a couple of years and by then the blog will be pretty full and they will be able to have the information at their fingertips. It will also be there for anyone else who might be able find it. I'm pretty sure that all the things I do are on the web somewhere so it's not new stuff.

Hop over if you like-http://quickcountrycooking.blogspot.com/

Be blessed

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