Friday, December 26, 2008

Recent projects

An aprom I made for Christmas. I didn't use a pattern, just decided how I wanted it and cut and sew. I will put the neck strap at the corners next time. I even put a pocket on the top to hold my wedding rings when I have my hands in bread dough! Quick and easy project.

This is a scarf I'm working on for one of my daughters. It's crochet with a slant stitch from suzies yarnie stuff blog. Her pattern. I'm making one for one of the other girls too but it doesn't look as good. I think it's the verigated yarn I'm using on hers. Her favorite colors are pink and brown. This daughters favorite color is purple (same as me! lol)

This is an angel ornament made with #10 thread. Isn't she cute! I put these in some of the Christmas cards I sent out. I also made a snowflake ornament but gave it to my friend before I took a picture. That seems to happen alot!

Curtains I made. Another easy quick project. Kind of. It took me 2 weeks to finish but if I had just sat down and stayed with it then I would have been done in about 2 hours. 3 curtains for the kitchen-2 oddly shaped windows and the door window. They are lined but not really reversable. I could probably get away with turning them around but I would know the seams were there. lol

A day time view of the same curtain.
I found a pattern for beaded coasters today so I'll probably work on those for next year. I plan to start next years Christmas makings in January this year! lol That way I'll have lots to give away and less stress trying to get them done by Christmas!

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