Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas lights. Pictures just don't do this yard any justice. The entire yard-front side and back was covered with lights and decorations!

Same yard!

Daddy & Mikey playing with playdough. Yes I know I bought it for his "tot school" but he needs daddy time too! Plus, it kept him out of things while I finished Christmas dinner!

The dog, questioning what was going on! and maybe asking to be saved from the terror!! lol

Destini got the scarf and hat from her aunt and uncle. She wore them all day...does this mean I can keep the scarf I'm making for her????

My Mikey. Just sitting on the counter being silly!

The batman outfit came with a pair of shoes. I had a problem with the whole batman thing but my husband said to let him have it and hulk slippers. He likes the hulk even though he hasn't seen one show! I think hulk is too agressive and batman is too dark but I'm told I have to let him be a boy. Not so sure I agree. Anyway. He loved the batman outfit that just happened to go with the shoes more than any other gift except his new big boy bike. That is on video. Once I figure out how to get the video from the camera to my computer I'll post it! lol I have one of him going down the hill like he does on his trike but his sister freaked out because he was about to go over the side of the wall at the end of our property!! He stopped in time though-scary for a minute. He really is all boy!

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