Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Presents without Mom

Our Christmas presents went out the other day to all parts of the world. (ok just the US-I didn't get my son's out yet. I still don't know if he gave me the right address!) When I was wrapping them I came to the conclusion that I made some weird gifts for people! lol I have officially taken my mothers role of the person who gives the strangest gifts! She used to give things that no one understood! She was the one person that I learned that it's the thought that counts! She thought enough about you to get you something that she thought you would want or could use. She could have picked it up at anytime during the year and hid it in the back of her closet until Christmas and not even remember why she got it for you! lol I really miss her this year!

I made coasters and dishcloths for my in laws! lol I'm the backward hillbilly of the family and the gifts I made for them and actually sent just proves it! They aren't like me and I don't know that they consider handmade as a good thing. Bless them! They tolerate me well. I didn't really think the gifts were stupid until I tried to mail the stuff! I guess I'll start right after Christmas this year to buy things-like mom did! lol

My husband bought me a camcorder for Christmas (I got it already!) Mikey destroyed mine. First he broke the screen and it didn't have a view finder so I had to guess at whether or not I actually got the shot I wanted and then the pictures were all weird and didn't look good at all! I have been video taping and taking pictures with it for days. The kids were doing Christmas crafts and making Christmas cookies! My kitchen was destroyed! I have the video to prove it! lol

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  1. Alass, no pictures. My camera finally bit the dust. My hubby got me a new one but after the gifts went out. I will be taking pictures of new projects though. The gifts were all things I would use and thought were pretty.