Sunday, December 28, 2008

My new Beth Moore book

He is Jesus.
The One and Only.
Transcendent over all else.
To know Him is to love Him.
To love Him is to long for Him.
To long for Him is to finally reach
soul hands into the One true thing
we need never get enough of.
Take all you want.
Take all you need.
Till soul is fed.
And spirit freed.
Till dust is dust.
And Face you see.
Jesus Christ.
He's all you need.

I didn't write this. This is the intro to my new book, Jesus Day by Day by Beth Moore. I just love her! I've done several of her Bible studies with our women's group at church. I love her videos and how she words things. Some of her poetry just touches me so deeply. I wish I could buy just the videos to her Bible studies to watch over and over. I always get something new from them.

As I read this last night, I thought about how I long to spend time with him. . . and the times that life gets so hectic that I fail to do so. I always lament over it. I know that God knows my heart and I long to be filled, fed and freed so much that my entire life reflects Jesus. I want to feel his presence in my life all the time. I want to feel that he is right beside me all day, everyday. I don't want to walk a minute without his loving hand guiding my steps. I'm a long way from that though.

I think visually so I can just picture reaching my hands into the cloud of Glory that surrounds my Savior, and touching the hand of the master, creater, the only thing I need! In our corporate Worship at church I picture the Lord comming down in a cloud with his Glory filling the room. His spirit washing over me like a gentle rain, cleansing and healing me. Washing me clean from the worlds dirt.

Oh how I love His touch! How His presence comforts me! I pray for more time with Him. With the one true Savior who loves me inspite of my faults!

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