Friday, May 21, 2010

Mama's Binder

About a month ago I came across my old old "control journal" that I created several years ago and I just put it on the shelve in the classroom. It had been modified and changed many times. It started as a fly lady type journal and changed as our life changed. The last time I used it was in 2005. A very traumatic year for us and it shows by the entries in the calender etc. I had since changed the binder to fit my needs and purchased a pretty purple one. (the one I have been using) As I went through my current schedule and routines today, I realized that pretty much none of it was working since I am now homeschooling. :) Can you say revelation????

I have been printing some pretties and working on the schedule and routines. I also realize I'm going to have to push myself harder on the days that I work to stick to it. I'm excited!!!! I have one binder for "home keeper" stuff, one for "Spiritual" stuff (Bible study, sermon notes etc) and one for Homeschool stuff. I just can't see toting a binder big enough to hold all that, so I separated it a long time ago. They are all 2 inch binders. I still need a larger one for the Bible study. :/

Just an update.

Be blessed!!

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