Saturday, May 8, 2010

Biblical Wifely Submission

Hummm.....Now that is a difficult subject. I have struggled and struggled with this for years. In some areas I have made quite a bit of progress but in others I still catch myself not honoring my dear husband. It's usually small areas, but the little foxes spoil the vines. With the lives of children in the balance, I feel like I need to "step it up" a bit.

It's funny though, until two or three years ago I had never been taught to submit and honor my husband. We all know what my first response was. . . out right rebellion! Then I began to seek out God's word on the subject and realized this was what I should be doing. The problem was that it had never been modeled for me. I had no idea what this was supposed to look like or feel like. So I began to look for it in other women. So I learned what it was by studying the word and other godly women. I also learned that I wasn't the only one that struggled in this area.

Some men make it harder to submit or honor them by their actions and spiritual position. It's even harder to submit when our husbands aren't honoring God, or anyone else for that matter. What I did notice in God's word is that it doesn't say honor your husband only when he is right or not being verbally abusive or sinning. It just said to do it.

I recently came across an online study for A Wife's Biblical Submission. (I think I may have seen it before) It's a weekly lesson so I'm going to do it. My schedule seems to be quite fluid at this point, lacking anything that resembles structure so it seems to be a good time. My home school schedule is wildly varying, my work schedule changes, my husbands work schedule has never been predictable. So During my quiet time at night, I will be working on this study.

Any one want to join me?

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  1. Welcome to the study precious sister! ♥

    May the LORD our God richly bless you as you seek His face, His perfect will and live only to honor and please God with everything you have. ♥

    I'm so grateful to the Lord for bringing another sister to travel this life-long journey with me.

    I will begin praying for you today sister and welcome you with much love in Christ Jesus our awesome Lord and Savior.

    With love,