Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Randomness

Have you ever wanted to just jerk a knot in someones tail? Snatch 'em bald? Fire 'em up? Light 'em up? It has just been that kind of day. I NEED TO GET ALONE WITH GOD!! SOON!!!

The Bible is very clear on a lot things. Where issues are crystal clear, wrong is wrong. Where it isn't crystal clear due to silly things like"that wasn't around in Bible times", don't twist other verses to fit your needs. It doesn't work, wrong is still wrong.

If you live your life in a way that says, "I'm looking forward to the party in hell!!! WHOOO HOOOO!" Then don't expect to not have consequences.

Don't expect a preacher to preach a funeral for someone that never stepped foot in a church or even entertained the idea of doing so and know stories about the person's life. If the person didn't go to the church, know the preacher then, there is no way for the preacher to have any stories. You can tell the preacher stories to tell, but he still may not get all the details right. That is life.

Yes, a good pastor IS going to tell you when your wrong. It's his job, especially if you are a member of his church. If he doesn't take a stand against sin and only tickles your ear with what you want to hear he is accountable to God. Sorry, I'm not going to let you continue in sin that way either if I know it's wrong. I will tell you in love, I do sometimes lack tact. That's life too. I love you but your gonna have to get over yourself.

Whooo, I feel so much better!

God is still dealing with me about my testimony. I'm still working on it, kind of. I need to rewrite it all so that it is what He wants. Then it will appear here. I hope I don't scare anyone.

God has also put something in my heart (again) that He wants me to do. I feel like when Jesus told his mom, "my time has not yet come". I asked that God make the path clear and tell me when to step out and I will. I'll do it afraid or otherwise. (I'm usually too stupid to be scared until everything is over-lol) I think my next step is to write it all out and make it clear. Please pray for me if you think about it.

Be blessed!

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