Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Much Soap Do You Have In Your Storage Area?

How many of us have extra put up just in case? I personally have extra laundry soap, in case I run out and need a particular outfit so I look nice the next day for say. . . CHURCH. I also have about 4 tubes of unopened toothpaste, probably 10 bars of soap (no one in this house uses the same soap as anyone else-or shampoo for that matter), extra cleaning supplies, toothbrushes and of course COFFEEEEEEEEE! What do you need? I have probably have it for fear of running out.

We recently took in a beautiful 15 year old girl to our home. She has lived with me off and on her entire life and we started talking to her mom about letting us have her again about 6 months ago. Things in her life had been deteriorating for some time but her mom wasn't able to let her go again, she needed her to take care of her toddler brother because her mom couldn't.

At this time, the two brothers are deposited in other homes. One has been in his current home for a few years and sees his mom sporadically. He hasn't seen her in a few months at the time I'm writing this. The 3 year old is living with his father and she had been dragging this poor girl around living in their car and staying with this person and that person in less than safe environments.

The girls father is currently out of prison but is well on his way back for drugs. She has spent some time with him recently and been abused by him and went with him to "hustle". My fear is that he will have her turning tricks for drug money like he did her mother. He has been in prison most of her life.

This sweet child came to us with nothing more than the clothes on her back. She only had a grocery bag of clothes with her mother but we haven't seen those. She has gone without for so long that it didn't occur to her to ask for a hairbrush, a toothbrush, deodorant or soap. After being taken in and told that her mom was going to let her live with us, she still couldn't ask for things that are basic needs for everyone else. She even asked for permission to take a shower. It really just breaks my heart.

When I was registering her for school today, I was listening to her talk to the guidance councilor about how the last couple of years have been for her in school. I realized how much she was affected by being born addicted to crack. She struggles so hard with learning in school. She has such high hopes for her career-a marine biologist- yet, she struggles with math and science. This morning, we got her a referral for testing to see if there was anything we could do to help her learn so she could live her dream.

Sunday morning, our pastor hugged her and told her he loved her and she just started crying. She needs love so much.

I am totally awestruck for lack of a better word. The teenagers that I'm in contact with are more concerned about cell phones and ipods than soap and deodorant. Current fashions are all the rage with the girls I know.

She has been blessed with clothes. She has more clothes than our own kids now. We had all the basic things in the linen closet that she might need like soap, deodorant, razors etc. I have 6 people in our home so I shop in bulk most often. :) She is signed up for school and taking classes that she needs with the expectation of help when she needs it-a new concept for her.

Her life changed dramatically in one week because my husband stepped out and stepped up. This has made me think about all the extras we have, even though we are struggling financially and the people who don't have "the basics". My children will think twice when they think they "need" their cell phone. Needs take on a different perspective now.

I pray that God will show me a need as it arises and help her to share her needs with us so we can help her. I pray that God will give me wisdom in dealing with her and put people in her path that help her grow and be the person God created her to be. I pray that my children will see what a blessing they are to her and be blessed by her as well. I pray for strength and guidance in protecting her from things of her past and her families generational issues. I pray that God touch her and heal her and let her feel the love we have for her and all the love she so desperately needs and deserves.


  1. Wow that does bring it home for me. After a fussy day at my house-makes me feel shameful. We have so much-and complain about so little. I'll be praying for the girl-and your family.

    Great news about your Uncle.

  2. Hi
    I just read this post and was about in tears. I said a prayer for the young girl. I have a desire as well to help the young as you do especially those that do not have parents or not good parents because I know what it is like to grow up without parents. Maybe you could blog again and let us know about the precious girl. I would sure read your blog.