Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Garden Now

Time for a garden update. I have 3 other posts in the works but decided I liked this one best!

I fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to get around or even get up to the garden for a while so I was so excited when I hobbled up there the other day and saw how things have grown! (including weeds-lol)

This is a beet that I think may be ready to pick. I've never grown them before, so I'm guessing.

This is the potatoes that are begining to die back a little. It's about time to go get some of them too!

Green Beans and poke salad. You can't really see it here but the green beans are blooming so it won't be long until we are canning!!

My Pride and Joy. . . Our squash and zucchini. I planted them way too close. I have never had a squash plant get this big!! You can't really tell in the picture but they are up to my waist and full of veggies!

Another long shot of the garden where you can see most of it!

And of course, our first harvested vegetables! First fruits went out and many were sliced and frozen for future use! Aren't they gorgeous. I had forgotten what a difference there is in the taste of home grown vegetables. I do every year!

My Magnolia tree finally bloomed this year. It was planted by my grandfather when I was a child. I have been told that when a person who plants a tree dies, the trees etc. won't bloom for 2 years. It has been 2 summers since he passed so I guess it was time. I had told my uncle that if it didn't bloom this year it was probably going to be outta here! lol
This bloom hasn't opened yet. I just thought it was so beautiful!
Last but not least, the bucket brigade! Those upside down tomato plants. Luckily I have some in the ground too. They got blight and are very sad looking, even though they have fruit on them. I have been trying to keep the stems cut off that have it but I think the blight is winning. We will have to try again next year!
Be Blessed!


  1. Your garden looks great!! I've never tried to grow beets-but would love too. And your magnolia tree is so pretty. Makes me think-maybe you're in the south like me? Love the old saying about if the person who planted a tree dies. I love old tales like that.

  2. Thank you! Yes, I am in the south. Lovingly called a hillbilly by my northern in-laws. I was born and raised here in Western North Carolina!

    Be Blessed!