Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oh brother, have our meals been ridiculous the last couple of weeks. I have been doing homework constantly and what we have been eating is what ever I can put together when I look up at the clock and go "oh crap, I should have started dinner a long time ago!". Not cool!

Since I cook about 90% of our meals from scratch I don't keep a lot of convenience foods. When I do cook, I make enough for an army! or platoon of Marines! lol That way we can have left overs. I have to make time to scour the Internet for quick easy and cheap recipes. I think I need to start investing in freezer cooking too.

The hillbilly housewife page has some recipes. I she just wrote an e book for freezer cooking. The link is at the bottom of the page. This is the link- . She has a good site! Lots of good ideas on saving money, cooking, recipes etc. When I first found her site, I went through the recipes and I already used most of them! It was great for me! Validation! Lol I have to get that ebook!!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I have a feeling that as time goes on it will get to be more of a problem. I do know that after spring break one of my classes will be "on the down hill slide" and we will just be tweaking the things we are spending excessive amounts of time writing now. So that will help greatly.

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