Monday, March 30, 2009

From the simple woman's daybook

This is from the Simple Woman's Daybook. She hosts this site every week she answers the same questions as a journal page. I thought I'd do the same. Though not as elegantly as she does. There is a way to add mr linky and permalink etc. It's beyond me at the time so I just used a link to her page.

Outside my window. . . I see the cherry tree trying to bud and Cardinals at the small bird feeder.

I am thinking. . .I need more energy today and certainly more peace-I'm a little edgy

I am thankful for. . . special time with my little guy. He won't be little for much longer and I am greatful for all the time I get with him.

From the learning rooms. . . This week we are working on dicipline issues. Taz has been a handful for the last several days so letters and numbers are out and obedience training is in. It happens alot when I work the weekends.

From the kitchen. . . I have bread planned for today. We are having a ham and potatoes for dinner and I have 3 starters going for bread that need to be used this week.

I am wearing. . . Pajamas that don't match :).

I am creating. . . not much just working on school projects right now.

I am going. . . to the dollar store for notebooks.

I am reading. . . the book of Amos in the Bible. I started it on Saturday but I keep looking up references from there (I need a map of Bible time Israel) so it is taking a long time to finish.

I am hoping. . . the hospital calls me for an interview.

I am hearing. . . birds outside and praise music from the other room.

Around the house. . . I want to start some seeds this week, plant the flowers around the garden edges (natural bug control), clean out the car

One of my favorite things. . . spending quiet time during the morning

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . class ends early for the next few weeks so I get to go to church on Wednesday! :) Yippie

I don't really have a picture sorry!

Have a blessed day!

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