Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's all about school

Yes, my life is still consumed by school! I have had to reprioritize everything. I have some things I had been working on for another blog that have been put on hold. I'm kind of sad about that but I can finnish it later.

The weather has been awesome for the last few days but as always, in the mountians, things change. We are going to have a little "cold snap" for the next few days. I'm sad about that because Taz loves to be outside and that means that he may not get out. I've been doing my school work while he plays in the dirt and it has helped me to get a lot more done. He can occupy himself for hours outside! He found a slug one day and we had a little lesson on those and observation. I say little because I know nothing about those slimy things! He carried it around for over an hour. Made it a home in the shade and everything. He love it "to death". By nap time Mr Sluggy(he named him that) was deceased. He didn't know that and I never told him!

His sisters didn't particularly care for Mr. Sluggy. He liked that part too!

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