Monday, November 10, 2008

Thankful Today

I have had a very busy week. I am thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having! Indian summer is almost over and it is starting to get colder. My husband loves it, everyone else is bundled up! lol

I got some of my Christmas gifts completed! I was so excited! (and kind of proud that I actually finnished one-probably sinful) They turned out very nice and they are for a favorite aunt. Bless her heart she married into this crazy family! She has always been a such a wonderful blessing!

Today, I finally got around to taking my state board test to get recertified as a CNA. I was originally getting my CNA back so I could work just a few hours and make up the rest of the money we need for bills without working full time. (I haven't worked as a CNA since 2004 when I found out I was pregnant and spent the next 8 months on bed rest) My hearts desire is to be home with my beloved children. The reality is that this is not a possibility at this time. And with the economy in the proverbial crapper, it may not be for a long time. I was strangely excited that I passed all the little tests. I was quite unemotional until I got the result from the skills test. Then I was shocked for about 20 minutes before I was excited. I am now officially certifiable! lol

I did take this extra time with great weather to have the little ones play outside. My 3 year old made himself a little "camp". He set up his little indoor tent out in the yard and made a place for the fire-gotta have smores! lol He and my eight year old son were out playing "camping" for the better part of the week. Michael (3yo) now wants me to set up the "camp burger" (translates to camper).

I've been reading Parenting Teens with Love and Logic. My husband and I decided to try it and let the girls have a little more room to make mistakes and own the problem as long as it's safe. I must admit I am one who runs to the rescue way too much. I had my first test of this new "method" on Saturday. I just have to say it-I won! I won! I won! ha ha ha ha ha ha It actually is liberating to let them own their problems as much as possible. I've decided to adapt this principle to other things as well. The girls have appreciated having the extra freedom and they really didn't give my a whole lot of problems about dealing with the problem they created without my help. I was quite happy about it. I know that they will push the envelope again but I am savoring this peace with 2 teenage girls!

I came home tonight to find that my husband had done somethings that I had been asking him to do for a long time-and some other things. He got the old ratty sofa out of the living room (of course it's on the front porch but at least it's out of here!). He moved the china cabinet to the living room-it looks ok. I personally would have left it in the kitchen or hallway. Our living room looks much better and there is a lot more room for the kids to play! I still have a sofa and 2 recliners to sit on so we really didn't need the sectional sofa and I am sooooo happy to have it out of here!

I have got to get some pictures!

My crochet needle is calling my name! Be blessed!


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  2. You have been busy. Congrats on your CNA cert. Also, great to get some of your Christmas gifts made, isn't it? We hope to get all of our Christmas shopping done by the end of November so we can spend December focusing on Christ-mas. Many blessings.