Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Homeschool Classroom

Isn't mommys desk pretty? It looks that way from Saturday to Monday......then

It looks like this :-) I have no idea why everything ends up on my desk. It's the smallest in the room!

Extra resources live here...usually. We also have bookcases outside in the hallway. Junk on the bottom shelf :-)

Our schedule and class white board. I left the vocabulary lesson on there.....don't judge the handwriting. LOL Under the board is a box of National Geographic and Rick the Ranger that I got from freecycle. Good to use in between lessons! The plastic draws hold different supplies. You know what the blue thing is :~)

This is the older boys desk. Yes that is 2 rolls of toilet paper on his desk and I have no idea why but I didn't find any spit balls so It's good. I straightened his desk for the picture. His desk is usually the messiest.

Taz's desk and the calendar that he uses every morning to announce the day, date etc. He uses the roll of contact paper on his desk to point. Very cute!

Our workbox system and worship center :-) Yes there are construction paper covered cereal boxes. It takes less room than some of the systems I have seen out there and our classroom is the smallest room in the house except for one of the bathrooms. I found this on a blog but hers were very very pretty. My boys wouldn't care if they were just the cereal boxes and no paper covers. You can find her post here...

I love looking at blogs and seeing what other people are doing. They always look so pretty and organized. I used to do pretty :-) Now if it works I'm ok with it. Sad really......maybe one day I will find the time to make all the things I love pretty.
I have already started planning for next year and how much money I need so my sweet husband will be able to budget it in. We are still kinda feeling our way through but it's been a fun, stress filled adventure.
Be blessed!

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