Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Homeschool tidbits

As I go through this homeschool adventure, I'm learning that we spend time teaching stuff that they are going to learn on their own without a "formal" lesson. So why is it on the list of must teach topics?

For Example: Firemen as community service workers. Even my youngest (5 years old now) knows about them. We have watched movies, been to the station, played on the trucks and spoken to the firemen. One time we got to go into a "portable house" to learn what to do when there is a fire. We have done some of the same things with police, doctors etc. So why is this stuff formatted into a lesson? Sorry, I'll be skipping that one. I'd rather substitute say. . . nature study or Bible study. The joy of a 5 year old boy with a magnifying glass looking at God's world is much more productive I think. He thinks so far out of the box that I am suprized sometimes at what he learns from such simple activities.

Living Math:
Sounds great in theory. I'm just struggling to wrap my brain around it. Plus having the money to buy all those books boggles my mind. I'm working on planning a library trip and making it a weekly thing. I guess I just need to find or make a list of books I'd like them to read, math and otherwise.

yeah, well
I schedule it alright. I just may change it at the last minute. I forget to print something, can't find what I want to use to teach etc. And seriously, I don't teach that much!! They learn and I teach maybe 45 mintues a day. I teach to all of them at the same time. I don't expect the 5 year old to understand it all but that doesn't mean he can't be exposed to it. I still feel like I need to work on this.

Both boys are diagnosed with ADHD. Charlotte Mason methods seem to work best for them. I love Charlotte Mason too so it works out well. I found some great "distractions" for when they do have to focus. I have been kind of teaching the littlest (Taz is 5) but I don't push him. I just don't feel like its required yet but he wants to join in. We do lapbooks and file folder games and some writing. He has to be "in the mood" to color so we do a little of that. If you get special markers etc he is more interested but it's temporary. lol He recognizes almost all his letters and numbers, understands upper and lower case, counts etc. He would be starting Kindergarten in the fall if he went to public school so I think he is doing well for not having a lot of formal lessons.

I have been seeing this around lately on blogs etc. I love the idea of it and I think it would work great for the 10 year old boy. It would help him get through his day faster and I think, encourage him to stay on task-looking forward to the next box. I need to get the book to really get the idea of it. I'm working on it for both boys. It's going to require me to get my act together a little better. I like just pulling out whatever for the little guy rather than having a set schedule because of his inability to focus. As he gets older I want to impliment more "official" school, gradually.

The teenagers
Well, they are easier so far. We do Bible study as a family in the mornings and the girls have their assignments for the week on Monday and by Friday I get them back. One teaches something each Friday. Right now, it is science. One is doing earth science and the other Biology so each week we all get a science lesson. No, there is no test for us when they teach but it plants seeds for the boys for later. They 10 year old boy comes up with questions to annoy them, it's a fun time! They are exposed to the older kids lessons that I teach as well. They often get something out of it which I think is awesome.

So I guess, other than my own issues, homeschool is still going well. I often wonder if I'm doing enough, if they are learning enough, what am I missing that they need.


  1. I have not stopped by in awhile, sorry because I love reading your posts. Seems like home schooling is going good. You look like all of us newbies trying to find our way, our family's best path. This is our second year and in those 2 years, we have changed a lot. But, the beauty of home schooling, if something does not work, tweak it, change it or drop it. Smiles. We are slowing finding our rhythm at the end of our second year.
    I have a few websites I would like to share with you. Kind people shared them with me and they have come in handy. They are all FREE, one you have to register, but it is FREE!!! Love free. Smiles.
    1)Lesson Pathways- must register, but free-
    free books online
    free audio books
    The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project-- free books online-
    go under home use- we use only the free version- fun game to learn times-- times attack is the name of the game.
    a lot of wonderful ladies have written this website, Charlotte Mason based curriculum, we use it mainly as a book guide, but it is worth a look through, very informative.

    Well, there are a few websites recommendations. You might already have these.
    Don't worry about if you are teaching enough, you are. Many blessings. Sorry so long.

  2. Workboxes- sounds interesting. Need to look those up.

  3. Thank you for the links! And I love Free too! Juggling everything is what I'm working on right now. Making sure they do what is "required" to move to the next level and keeping my sanity, my house clean and errands run is more fun than I can express! lol Sometimes I feel my head bob! I just know that in the end it's going to be worth it and before I know it, I will be getting through it smoothly. :) I love routines!

    workboxes: This one intrigued me. He can't see what's next, it takes up less room and it's just cuter. :) He works best when he doesn't know what's next and I can add some fun stuff in different boxes. I just don't know about the whole 12 boxes. I'm often doing well to get him through 4 or 5 assignments. We spent 2 days this week on one project. It was kind of big but not that big. He has special issues and it just takes longer sometimes. He learns the material but then has trouble accessing it later and getting it from his brain to the paper (or even oral narration). I think more narration will help with that. We'll see.

    Thanks for your encouragement. I needed to find that in my in box this morning! God is always so good to send what I need before I know I need it! :)

    Be blessed, Blessed Mommy!