Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our New Crazy Life

Well, homeschool is going well. for the most part. My husband finally insisted that I have things for a formal classroom for the kids. I think he wanted to buy everything in the office supply store. It was really hard for me to keep the costs down and buy only what was needed. It still came to $260.00! I still want some things but I won't be telling him. It's like being married to Tim the Toolman Taylor. Bigger is always better and even the lawn mower has a souped up motor from a race car. (ok, just kidding about the race car motor but it is more than we need) I probably spent 200 or so dollars on actual learning items called books.

We are in the new "school room" and it echos so I need a carpet in there. The kids are doing great with their learning and doing what is expected. I'm figuring out what works and doesn't as far as learning and learning styles and what I want to teach and do. I'm excited!

I'm also exhausted. I feel like I'm being drained and I'm over drawn so today was a free day. They could work on school if they wanted to and if they didn't, I was ok with that too. The girls opted to work on science! How cool is that?

My husband chaperoned the youth group on a trip to Hamilton, Alabama for a conference. I so wished I could go but I had to work. :( But I got to spend time with my boys alone and it was good! We even rented movies~ok, after watching the movies, I wished I hadn't because they had things in them that I prefer my children not see. Not excessively bad or obvious but still not my preference.

Lots of good things going on and I have seen God move so much lately. I'm excited about what God is doing around us. Next time I'll have to write about that. Right now, I need to get some rest for school tomorrow!

Be blessed!

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