Saturday, November 7, 2009

On the Battle Field

Onto the battle field I march
Head strong and head first
Girded with the full Armor of God
Weapon in hand
And the sound of God's call in my ears
A mighty war cry rises up
And the battle begins
As I praise His Holy Name
He gives me strength to stand
To use his word as a mighty sword
The Holy Spirit abounds and strikes
Hitting the enemy with every buffet
The rythm of the war drum
Getting louder with each blow
The enemy succumbs to the Mighty One
His carnage has come to an end
As I stand victorious in battle
The enemy submits to The Holy One of Israel
A tremendous war cry is heard
And I lay prostrate before the LORD
Giving honor to Elohim, the Mighty God
And being renewed for the next battle
Stronger still after each victory

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