Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Salvation Revival

Our church is having a revival this week to save the lost. The last week has been a whirlwind! I don't know how anything is getting done around here (a lot isn't).

The first 2 days of this revival, we have had 26 people saved. We have 6 churches involved that we can send folks to if they don't want to stay at our church. It's about building the kingdom, not the church and I love that.

People are being added to the Kingdom, healed and set free! I have seen miracles this week! Many people in the church are fasting, we are all praying and God is moving! I am so excited! Sunday night, I couldn't sit still. God is so awesome!

The gentleman over the bus ministry (my sweet husband lol) has been going into one of the worst housing developments in town and picking up these wonderful children. They so sadden me. Their mothers are sending them and I wonder why they would just send those children with people they don't know like that. (I know i couldn't-church folk or not) One child looks to be 11 or 12 and she is bringing her baby to church. There is such an emptiness in their eyes, an innate sadness almost. I just want to snatch them up and love on them. We gave them Bibles. As I gave one boy a Bible, another was trying to snatch it right out of his hands. This boy was not giving that Bible up! He kept looking at it like it was made of gold and the biggest prize he ever received. How many of us would say, "wow, it's just a Bible"?

The young boy was right. It is the greatest thing he had ever gotten. He just doesn't know how great it is-yet. My prayer is that one day, soon, he will understand that it is the bread of life, the sword of the spirit. A love letter from the Father that will never let him down, leave him, abandon or abuse him. What a gift!

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