Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Total and Complete Randomness

I have about a million ideas of what I wanted to write about. Now that I have a minute to write something, my little brain is empty. So I thought, random musings from today.

  • Last night I read the first 8 chapters of Daniel. Have you ever just read it to read it??? You need a score card, a player list with name definitions, a timeline, map, and a chart to keep up with who, where and when. Wait...wasn't that king just dead??
  • I love the Psalms. I love to try to put them to music. I, personally, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and I'm tone deaf! But I still try.
  • Song of Songs is HOT!
  • My little Taz told me the other day that he was going to build me a prayer room on the roof when he "gets bigger enough." How cute is he??
  • My D has been helping me can food most of the summer. Bless her heart! She has no interest in anything that could be construed as home making.
  • I miss winter because I get to sew, crochet and what ever other craft stuff I come up with. Summer has it's fun too but by the end of summer, I need something restful! :) I just don't really care for the cold weather.
  • I really would like to have a comfy chair in the kitchen. I spend a lot of time there and would like to just go ahead and make it home with a nice place to sit and read my bible etc.

I guess that's random enough.

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