Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Tabernacle Ramblings

Have you read the account in Exodus about the tabernacle? I have read it many times. I just love that story. Every piece has some sort of meaning, or significance. But I feel like we, as modern day readers, are missing something. We don't know the history, or what life was really like back then.

I've read books and watched studies on the tabernacle. They all focused on the finished product. What about what went into it?

The Bible is very simple in it's explanation to me. God called for an offering from His people of certain things, from those who had a willing heart. The people brought it. This is how God wants it built, He gave this person or that person the talent needed. It was built. Ok the Bible is a little more explicit with details and dimensions.

I was driving the other day was started thinking just about the thread. Purple and scarlet threat and linen. Well, they certainly couldn't just run off to wal mart and buy it. It had to be spun and died and put in some sort of usable order. What did it take to dye it? They had to gather berries or what ever they used to dye thread. Make the dye. How large were the containers that they needed to dye the thread? Did they have to carry them around when they moved from place to place?

It seems to me, that the sacrifice of the people was more than you would think from reading the text. God said, those to give from a willing heart. How much thread to you think it took to make all those curtains? They were enormous, you know. I believe, don't quote me here, the dimensions for the curtains were 42 feet by 6 feet. They were very ornate with cherubim weaved into the fabric. These were to be for the house of God, for His pleasure and view.

Do you think the Israelites skimped? I sure don't! I think about the amount of time and love that had to go into those curtains. I would have loved to have seen them. I think that if God is going through this much trouble to give specifics about the design, the dimensions, the contents and ingredients, giving the talents and calling those out to design it, I think that it would be magnificent! I believe that it would have been the best workmanship and artistry available at that time, and possibly even now! I just can't see God doing it half way, not for His home among His people.

I would love to have seen the furniture and the alters. Can you imagine how ornate the lamp would have been? or the table of show bread? the incense alter? I imagine that the entire thing would have been a wonder! And then too see God's glory resting over it! Wow! I just get excited all over again!

I love when I read stories in the Bible and I can get a mental picture, but I love this story because I can't. I can't even imagine how awesome it would have been, I can only speculate because there are no real details about how these things looked when they were done. What did the lamp look like? or the table? I hope to see it replayed when I get to heaven so I can see it all. See the love the people had for their God and that God had for his grumbling, stiff necked people. And the home built for the Creator of the Universe, to be with His people. To see how He loves us, even when we are unlovable at times.


  1. I've often thought the same thing-I wish I could see between the lines in the Bible-see the whole great big picture of their day to day lives. Neat Post.

  2. I love the study of the Tabernacle. The details are inspiring and give you that feeling of His presence. Many blessings