Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring at Our Home

Evidence that someone pulled my day lily up! They (meaning Taz) left it in the mums!
This cute little bush was almost dead last year! I trimmed it severly last year.

Strawberries Yum! We really need more of these. The kids eat them as soon as they are ready to eat so we never get to make anything with them.

Blooms from the cherry tree in the front yard. The tree is GORGEOUS when it's blooming! The entire tree is white!

Not real sure what it is. These are beside the tree line. There are a lot of things growing that we just don't know where they came from.

The wild rose bush on the side of the house. Can't kill this thing!

Don't know what this is either. Pretty though. It's like 3 different kinds of trees in one. The middle is 2 kinds of trees but all around the outside of them is this stuff.

This is kind of pittiful. I hope this one grows quickly this year. We planted him last year and I wasn't sure it would survive.

This is the cherry tree just before it bloomed.

The boys being forced to pose! lol

Just a little peek into spring here in hillbilly-ville.
Be blessed

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