Monday, April 20, 2009

New Eating/Cooking Habits

I have been SLOWLY trying to get the family to eat healthier, more natural foods. Trying to get back to fewer processed foods. Eating healthier foods will improve everyones health and hopefully get us closer to eating the way God intended.

Over the last several months I have been replacing the normal foods that we would eat with a healthier version. Replacing some of the flour in things with wheat germ or flax seed so that we aren't just eating junk calories. No one has really noticed that anything was going on until recently.

We haven't really used a lot of convenience foods anyway but things that I had not really thought about as being convenience foods like cultured foods such as buttermilk and yogurt, I always bought and didn't consider it to be a convenience food. Now, I have been making homemade buttermilk and yogurt and even started making kefir.

The buttermilk is to die for! You can find the recipe here
I don't drink the stuff. I just use it to make biscuits, pancakes and stuff. I did give some to my uncle who drinks it. He said I "should bottle the stuff". He really likes it.

I also used her yogurt recipe too-found here Really good stuff! It smells awesome when it's "brewing" too.

Kefir: retched smelling stuff. Really doesn't taste any better to me. I had to add lots of fruit and some stevia. I hope I get used to it. It seems to be really good for you but I know if I don't start to like it, I will not keep drinking it! One of the kids loved it! ha ha ha

So far everyone is "going along with it". Only one real rebel in the group but she always is no matter what the situation.

Things I really want to do next:
Get a wheat grinder and start making our own flour.
I want to learn how to make Ezekiel bread.

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  1. We are trying to eat healthier too. Haven't gone as far as changing out anything yet, but I like what you doing, gives me ideas. I will look up those recipes you posted too, thanks. Many blessings.