Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taz Goes to the Parts Store

The other day Mikey got to go into the car parts store with me. This was his first trip inside the store. Up to this point he had only admired it from the outside. As soon as we entered the store, I knew I was in trouble!

Immediately upon entering the store his little eyes lit up and got as wide as saucers and he procliamed "ohhhhh this store is beautiful!!!" He wanted to know what every part was and every tool. I was sent on a mission by my dear husband to pick up 2 items. I had a list and no need to think about anything-just go to the counter and tell them what I need, pay, and leave. The end. I was totally out of my element in this particular store.

With Mikey in tow, I proceeded to be "drug" around the store being asked a million questions as Mikey saw more and more things that he just loved and couldn't live without and I of course had no idea what they were. The entire store was filled with the sounds of "what is this?" "OHHHH this is cool mommy! I want one!" "what do you do with this one mommy?". The gentlemen at the counter were having the time of their lives as I answered. "I don't know," to almost all the questions! I was able to tell him that one item was a hitch. His answer, "oh for our campburger!" (his version of a camper) After closely examining all the items in the store we made it to the counter-Whew! Now what do you think they had at the counter???? Matchbox cars!!! What did he do??? Just as he had done with the other items in the store--"I want one" "these are cool". My answer-"NO". So he proceeded to ask the gentleman behnd the counter to give me some money so I could buy it for him!!! The men in the store just laughed. I'm sure my distress lightened everyones day! lol

We managed to get out of the parts store with only the 2 items I was asked to pick up-and a whole lot of prayer and laughter! Dad gets to take him next time!

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