Sunday, September 14, 2008

Man I feel like a woman

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life and trying to take care of my family and any others that may pass through that I forget sometimes that I am, in fact, a woman. I know that my calling is in my home and I can get so Martha like that I forget some of the little things we do make a difference. Things we never would have thought made a difference to our families. It really is a fine art-being a wife, mother and woman and doing it all in a godly manner.

My day started out like any other day. Get up, MAKE COFFEE, do some Bible study, get everyone else up, get ready for church. This morning my sweet husband blessed me by making breakfast for everyone while I took a shower. While I was in the shower a dear friend from church called and told my husband to make sure I see her before I left church. I thought that strange because I try to see her every time, but I just said OK and went on with my morning. I didn't really have time to think about it because I was already running late.
My husband suddenly came out of the kitchen to let me know someone was at the door but he didn't know who it was. It was my cousin that I hadn't seen for years! As soon as I opened the door and saw his face I knew something was wrong and my heart just broke for him. As I went out the door he started to cry and I just grabbed him and started praying in the spirit. I knew that someone had to have died and assumed it was his father. The obvious choice since he was in poor health. By the time he had gathered his composure my husband had joined us and I was telling him what was happening. It wasn't his father that had died but his brother! Wow! I almost fell out of my chair!
We sat and talked and tried to comfort him for as long as he needed. We offered to stay longer but he felt like he needed to get home due to the tremendous amount of preparations and plans they needed to make. After he left, we went to church. We were late but were still blessed by the message on honor.
After church my dear friend found me and gave me a beautiful gift! A nice satin and lace nightie with a robe! Wow! It was beautiful! I didn't take it out of the bag until I got in the van. (I couldn't possibly wait until I got home!) It was gorgeous! The kids all oohed and awwed, my husband just smiled. All I could think about is I hope it fits! She is so much smaller than me I thought there would be no way, but I was blessed by it anyway I thought. Such a gift that just lifted my spirit. I got busy thinking of all the things I needed from the store so that I could prepare a meal to take to my uncle's home. (typical me-Martha style) I wasn't sure I had everything I needed and I wanted it to be a special meal for them.
We went to Sams and made a huge purchase of course. Who really gets out of there for less than $100.00? Then went home where I went to work preparing homemade bread, stuffing from scratch, and roasted chicken. My husband and kids went to work in the basement getting things together for one of my daughters whose school band is having a yard sale and putting all the rest of the junk in the trailer to go to the dump.
After dinner, my husband and I delivered the food and came home. . . Time to try on my gift!!! wooohooo!(hillbilly style) I was so excited I could barely contain myself! I took it out of the bag. Examined it, felt how satiny it was, admired the lace, then ran to the door and closed it! Wow! It fit! I twirled in it and looked in the mirror just as my door burst open with 3 out of 4 kids standing at it! I knew I should have left the door open!! They would have seen that I was changing and they would have went back down the hall! I stood there with my mouth open while they looked at me with their mouths open! I wasn't quite ready to share my gift with the world yet. I hadn't worn such a thing in years and I was shocked by how it made me feel! (I wondered if it was a sin) So they were happy and excited and I think surprised. My three year old couldn't stop rubbing it. He has never seen me wear "pretties" before. I went into the living room and showed my husband. He thought it was very nice he said but I could read his expression.
I guess I said all that to say that sometimes life takes a different turn than we expect. I never expected to receive such a gift from my friend. I had forgotten that wearing "pretties" to bed made me feel like a beautiful woman. It is one thing to know that you are a beautiful child of God but it is an entirely different thing to feel like you are a beautiful godly woman. I had forsaken the wearing of pretties because life was so busy that I didn't feel I could afford the luxury. It took a wonderful, precious sister in Christ to remind me that a small luxury that blesses my family and me isn't really a luxury! It's a blessing! And my friend blessed me more than I could ever express to her!

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