Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time Management

Homeschooling seems to be causing me to look at my current time management issues. I have always been someone who likes order rather than chaos, and this is seemingly chaos. I read blogs to help me with ideas, books, curriculum, and ORGANIZATION. I have spent hours a day trying to reorganize my entire house because it has gotten out of control as of late (or maybe I'm just spazzin out because of the homeschool chaos?!) I'm thinking that I may be overwhelmed. I have no "personal" friends who are homeschooling at this time. Many have opted to put their children back into the school system so I am just figuring it out all on my own. May not be the best idea I have ever had.

There are so many excellent resources out there for homeschool but, alas, my funding is limited so I have to be selective about my purchases. I scour the Internet for free and cheap resources to supplement what we are doing. I find blogs and often wonder how they have time to blog...I can barely think of blogging but admittedly, I have several time wasters that I could do without. :)

My 2 boys that are still at home are both diagnosed with ADHD. Sizzlers, as Carol Barnier calls them. One I have been able to completely get off meds. Ok, we pulled him from public school after his teacher once again requested him to have a dosage increase and we saw that he was all but a zombie and couldn't possibly be making as much trouble in the class as she stated. Her biggest complaint, "he plays with his pencil". Once he was out of school we stopped the meds. I can handle the playing with pencils and if it takes him all day and 100 prompts from me to stop wasting time, it's only temporary, he will learn to focus himself eventually. My 21 year old did and I have faith that he will.

My 5 year old is worse than those 2 put together as far as ADHD. The jury is still out on him. :~) He is a very out of the box thinker. Yesterday, I woke up with his little skinny arm across my nose. As I opened my eyes, he realized that I was awake and said in his very excited voice, "Mom, smell my armpit!!! I washed it last night!!" Yes, Honey, I'm soooo glad you washed it. Good morning, Taz. Yes the child had his armpit over my nose. Just another day in this home. :~)

Have a blessed day!

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