Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our First Day of Homeschool

Well, we officially started homeschool yesterday. I had given up on my husband ever agreeing with me about homeschool so I was totally unprepared when he suddenly choked on his dinner when the high school girls were telling him what had happened that day in school and he decided that it was time to pull them out and homeschool them. :) I had been telling him for years so I knew what was going on but somehow, hearing it from them made a huge impact. Yes, our public school system in this area is that bad.

I thought I would commemorate this historic event with "incidents" from our day.

AM: KK you may want to leave lines in between the vocabulary words she is telling us so you can write the definition.
KK: Definitions???? We have to write the definitions to the vocabulary words???
Me: KK what did you think you would do with the Vocabulary words???

Taz(4 years old): Mommy I don't have to take a nap. I can dream with my eyes open.
Me: You can!
Taz: Yeah, I'm dreaming about science right now.
Me: You are? What kind of science?
Taz: I'm dreaming about Dinosaur science! Raarrrr
(yes, he still took a nap)

and the first incident of the day. . . . .

Me: JD can you read Romans 14:12 for us?
JD: asdf ;aldjf asidu asdjfoia alskjdfoiae lasdjfo;iasde
Me: Hold that thought. I need more coffee before we can start this because I didn't understand a word you just said.
Everyone: laughing hysterically

With an abundance of coffee and more resources on the way, I think we have made a great start!


  1. My first day (10 years ago) I was banging my head on the table by hour 2. Had taken 4 motrin by hour 3. I finally just went to bed and called early recess. Lol..So I guess I can tell you just persevere it does get easier!

  2. LOL I don't think I had enough coffee to be concious enough to need the motrin until the day was half over. I tried to remember that it takes time to get things "in order" and all the kinks worked out. It got a little stressfull, 2 high school girls, a 4 year old, and a 9 year old learning together. The only thing I'm worried about is balance right now and I know I'm out of balance because I'm all but consumed with getting organized and having a "flow" to the day. We moved 2 girls in together to have a classroom today so that should help with my other "control" issues with the school stuff being all over the kitchen etc.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm excited about it the whole adventure.

    Be blessed!