Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Home

I've been looking at all these blogs where women are posting pics of their homes. They are all so beautiful but I decided to put these up anyway. I will try to refrain from adding, "this is what I want to change in this room". I'll just say that I want to do some work around here when time and money allows. Also don't look at the walls in the livingroom pictures. I can't decide what to do with all that wall space-Any ideas would be appreciated! :)

This is the livingroom from the hall entrance way

Yes, my china cabinet is in the livingroom. No room in the kitchen. :)

My great grandmothers buffett. Needs work but I love it! Since I no longer have a formal dining room it doesn't get used as much for it's intended purpose. :(

My angel currio in the living room.

My Kitchen. The wall to the left just has pictures on the wall so I didn't take any pictures of it. My coffee pot is hidden by the refridgerator. The table is too long for this room but ours was broken in the move almost 2 years ago. Yes, my fridge has junk on it. Bible study stuff, kids Sunday School papers, chore sheets (lest the children forget) and the top needs cleaned but that is on next weeks chore list, sorry.

My oven is TINY! I have to cook our turkey in an electric roaster during the holidays. You can kind of see the hole where the dishwasher goes underneath the oven in this picture. It bit the dust so we had to start using our old portable one we had in our previous home.

More kitchen. I remember when my grandparents remodeled this room. The cabinets are dull to me but my grandmother loved them so I can't part with them yet. They were custom made to her specifications and they are very well made!

I didn't do my bedroom because it's just not done still. Nothing on the walls except a mirror that was there since I was a child! :) The back of the house is an addition and has this awful dark paneling that I'd love to cover or remove. The outside of the house has been posted here in different places so I left those out as well. I hope you have a great day!
Be Blessed!


  1. You have a lovely home. I found your blog through Candy at myblessedhome. I love your living room. We also have 6 children and are wanting to get 2 recliners. I just wasn't sure how to set up the living room. You've given me a good idea. Pray you have a wonderful day.
    Cristal in Florida

  2. I like your home! Love love the old buffett-neat!

  3. I love your tour. I think your living room is very cute. I would love to see the other rooms in your house - the bathroom(s) and bedrooms and such. If you add to or update your tour, please let me know.

    You have a beautiful home. :-)

  4. U have a great home but just wanted to let u know my husband is a painter and he has painted paneling and it looks great, just use a good primer first and it covers beautifully. Just a thought, it is an easy fix.

  5. You have a very beautiful home! I would have trouble parting with the cabinets in the kitchen as well. I enjoy the home tours. I too have had success painting paneling. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi! I found you through Candy's blog at myblessedhome. I had to comment and say that my china cabinet is also in my living room as there isn't room in the kitchen! It was nice to see someone else has had to do that too! You're home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wouldn't part with those well-made cabinets! Maybe stain or some paint would "update" them. They look good to me, and the new ones aren't that great, believe me! Blessings.